Credit Union Tax

Key features of our Credit Union Tax Service

Our tax team are experienced at assisting Credit Unions with a wide range of tax issues including:

Corporation Tax Returns

Not all income is exempt and as Credit Unions diversify their activities more activities will fall within the charge to taxation.

Other Returns

Credit Unions are required to complete other returns such as dividend returns. We are experienced at advising on these returns.


It is important that these are set up properly otherwise it can lead to higher taxation charges. We have been involved with the setup of a number of Credit Union lotteries.

Employee benefits

The taxation charge on termination payments to employees can be complicated. In addition, different benefits payable to staff and Directors can lead to PAYE costs

corporate tax

Corporation tax rates

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personal tax

Personal tax rates

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Recent tax articles

Budget 2020

The Budget had some big news for Credit Unions. The Chancellor announced that the Government was bringing forward reforms to the Credit Union Act to allow Credit Unions to offer members a wider range of

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Autumn Budget 2017

UK Budget Philip Hammond’s Autumn Budget contained big news for  large community Credit Unions. The potential number of members for a Credit Union in a local area was to be increased from 2 million to

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Autumn Statement 2016

The Chancellor announced on 23 November 2016 his autumn statement. Some of the key points for Credit Unions to be aware of included: Another increase for insurance premium tax which will rise from 10% to

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