A CURE for your Risk Management issues

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We are pleased to announce our new Credit Union Risk Evaluation (CURE) Toolkit. This new risk management software is specifically designed for Credit Unions and contains many useful features including:

  • Risk Dashboard
  • Full risk register
  • Summary of ineffective controls
  • Summary of the risks due for review
  • Summary of the key audit risks
  • Example credit and liquidity risk policies
  • Ability to track your risk appetites and performance

With risk management being high on the regulator’s agenda this offers a cost effective solution for Credit Unions. A discount is also available to all clients of the firm. Please see  our CURE+ page for more details about the product including a short video about the product. The product is available on an initial 10 day trial. we also offer a range of risk management training courses for Credit Unions.  For more information please contact us at creditunion@alexandersloan.co.uk.