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Features of our Credit Union Payroll service

For many Credit Unions dealing with payroll is a burden. Real Time Information (RTI), Scottish tax rates and auto-enrollment have made it more complex.  Payroll takes more and more time and resources. Fortunately payroll can easily be separated from your other activities and outsourced to an agency such as our team of payroll experts. Our aim is to make the payroll service as easy for you as possible and to remove the burden for you. We work with many Credit Unions providing them with an efficient payroll service.   Unlike many other agents our service is fully flexible so that it meets your needs. Some of the key features of our service are set out below:

Mergers Acquisitions and Transfer of Engagements

Highly experienced

We provide payroll services to over 200 clients including a number of Credit Unions.


We can tailor pay runs to meet your needs and payment method. Our aim is to provide you with a hassle free service.


Our secure portal means your data is kept safe when being transferred to us and back.

Online payslips

We can provide your staff with online payslips which many people find more convenient.

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