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Happy New Year! We are continually looking to improve our services to clients and are therefore pleased to announce new and improved online services.


We have launched a major update to our Credit Union Risk Evaluation toolkit. CURE+ features many new features in particular in relation to compliance. Further details of the new software can be found at our CURE webpage.

Training Videos

We have made a number of improvements to our website. The website now has a resources page which can be accessed from the Resources menu on the Home Page. We intend to release a series of short introductionary training videos which can be accessed from this page or our new YouTube channel. The first of these videos covers an introduction to preparing the bank reconciliation. The videos are intended to only provide an overview of the topic will last approx 2 minutes each.

Client Resources

Client resources will now be available in a folder that can be accessed from the client portal. All credit union internal and external audit clients have access to our client portal which provides safer communication than email. The movement of this folder means that clients only require to remember one password for the website. A number of free resources will be made available in the client resource folder over the next couple of month.