Fraud Alert: Individuals bank details

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In recent months there has been a rise in frauds committed by fraudsters sending emails claiming to be from employees changing their bank details. There have been similar frauds where the fraudster claims to be either a suppliers or member changing their bank details.

Fraudulent emails are becoming more and more sophisticated and can be difficult to spot. Many now appear to be from genuine email addresses even where you hover the mouse over the email address. In addition, some fraudsters are hacking email and social media so they can replicate how individuals phrase emails to make them appear genuine.

It is always worth following up an email or letter containing a change of bank details with a call to check that it is genuine. When you do remember not to use phone numbers in the suspected email as these can also be fake. Having proper security measures in place for members changing their details is also important as is carrying our regular training for staff on these types of fraud.