The CURE for your risk management needs

CURE+ Version 5.5.1 Features

Easy to use

The software is menu driven making it easy to use and navigate. It contains clear and easy to understand help files for each section of the software.

Compliance checklist

A compliance checklist is included where the questions change each month of the year. Questions can be changed and updated as required.

Risk appetite statements

The software can be used to document your risk appetite statements and monitor your performance.


You can use the software to set compliance reminders to ensure you stay up to date with your regulation requirements.

40 risks to start off your register

To give you a start the risk register comes with 50 common credit union risks and 58 compliance questions already included.


The software allows you to monitor internal audit recommendations and their progress.

Clear reporting

Wide range of reports for Board and management reporting are available at the click of a button.

The software was designed specifically for Credit Unions. Its development is driven by Credit Unions and what Credit Unions wish to see in the software. The aim was to create an easy to use package which would make reporting risk as easy as possible.

A copy of our GDPR Toolkit is supplied with CURE+ and CURE+ PREMIUM

Credit Unions Using CURE+

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Version featured is CURE Premium 5.1.2. The new control monitoring features will be released in next release of CURE+ (Available June 2018).

System Requirements

Any computer system capable of running Microsoft Office can use CURE+. The software uses Microsoft Access or Access Runtime. If you do not have Microsoft Access then dont worry as Microsoft provide Access Runtime free of charge and Cure Plus runs on this version. Microsoft Runtime can be obtained from Microsoft’s official site by clicking here. The Premium Version of CURE does however require Microsoft Access.


Discount of £200 is available for clients on the prices quote below


Latest Version 5.4.1
£ 1,250 + VAT
  • One off price for software
    Includes one year support & updates
  • All the features listed above
  • 40 example risks to get you started
  • Copy of GDPR Toolkit
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Latest Version 5.5.1
£ 1,450 + VAT
  • One off price for software
    Includes one year support & updates
  • All the features listed above
  • Password protected data files and Audit Trail feature
  • 50 example risks to get you started
  • Copy of GDPR Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

You can continue to use the software thereafter. If you wish further upgrades however there will be an annual maintenance fee (currently £200+Vat)

Microsoft Access Runtime lets you run all the features of CURE PLUS. It however can not run some of the additional features which are in CURE PREMIUM. We therefore created the two different versions of the software. The difference in fee covers the cost of the firm maintaining two different versions of the software.

We provide a £200 discount off the initial price for clients. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

The software is designed to sit on your server and can be accessed by more than 1 user at a time.

If you can obtain the information on CSV or Excel format then we can convert some of the data into CURE. The cost of this would depend on the data involved.

The system is easy to use and comes with online help files. Additional training can be arranged. Contact us for a price.

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