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We have had a number of questions regarding benefits that can be paid to staff for working from home.

Staff that are working from home may be able to make a tax relief claim. From 6th April 2020 they can claim £6 per week without having provide any evidence of costs incurred. Alternatively, the employee can claim the exact amount of costs incurred in working from home. This would include additional  costs such as heating, new broadband connection and business calls, but not costs that would have been incurred irrespective of whether the employee was working from home, for example rent or mortgage interest.  Staff may also be able to claim relief for equipment or furniture they have purchased for home working.

Checking Eligibility

The following conditions apply to employees claiming the allowance: 

  • The staff member must not be working from home through choice
  • The employer can’t have already compensated the staff member for any costs they are incurring by working from home.

Employees can check that the are eligible by clicking here.

How to Claim

Claims are made though the Government Gateway.  Alternatively, an employer can choose to pay a staff member who has been asked to work from home an additional £6 per week tax free.