Credit Union Business Plans

Key features of our service

We have worked with a wide range of Credit Unions to develop their Credit Union Business Plans and financial projections.  Using our experience gained from working with Credit Unions over the last 25 years we have developed a projection model (CU-PRO) designed especially for Credit Unions. We therefore can help you prepare a business plan which not only meets the regulators expectations but is a useful business tool for your Board and management. Set out below are some of the key features of our service.

We understand how Credit Unions work

Over the last 25 years we have developed a detailed understanding of how Credit Unions work. This means we can develop projections and plans that are realistic and follow the way you work.

Regulatory Compliance

The projections also show your projected capital and liquidity ratios for each year of the plan so you can judge how your decisions will impact on regulatory compliance.

Credit Union Business Planning

Useful business tool

The projections will show the impact of stress testing to allow your Credit Union to plan for the future.

Cost effective

The time we have spent developing the CU-PRO projection model means we can produce cost effective projections for your Credit Union.


Steven Cunningham CA CCIBS

Tel: (0141) 204 8984

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