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ePrivacy Regulations- More Privacy Legislation!

  In addition, to GDPR the EU are planning to issue the Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications (ePR). ePR will replace the 2002 ePrivacy Directive and the UK’s Privacy and Electronic Communication (EU Directive) Regulations 2003. The Directive was

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GDPR Step 5: Subject Access Requests

The 5th step to preparing for GDPR is subject access requests. Under the legislation individuals (data subjects) will have the right to access information that you hold about them. Under the GDPR, individuals will have the right to obtain: confirmation

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Bad debts and Provisioning Questions

In this blog we answer some of the common questions we are often asked with regard to loan provisioning. Are FRS 102 and PRA rules on Provisioning compatible? Each set of rules should not exclude compliance with the other set

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GDPR- First steps to GDPR compliance

The Information Commissioner’s Office has developed a 12 step guide to preparing for GDPR.  Step 1 is awareness of the new rules.  Hopefully your Board and Management will be aware of the new rules and the steps that need to

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Autumn Budget 2017

UK Budget Philip Hammond’s Autumn Budget contained big news for  large community Credit Unions. The potential number of members for a Credit Union in a local area was to be increased from 2 million to 3 million.  This will give

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