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Alexander Sloan, Accountants and Business Advisers, was established in 1867. Since then we have been providing accountancy and advisory service to a wide range of businesses. We spend time to understand our client’s specific needs and as a result we can create a tailored service. This is key to allowing us to work in partnership with our clients. Further details of the firm’s values are set out below.

The firm is a member of DFK UK & Ireland which is an independent association of accountants. As a result, we have access to additional resources not only in the UK but throughout the world.

One of Alexander Sloan’s key specialisms is Credit Unions. We have been working with Credit Unions for over twenty five years. As a result, we have built up a detailed knowledge of the sector. Over that time we have invested considerable resources to ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest Credit Union developments. The high level of experience within our team and our specialist knowledge of the sector ensures that you receive a high quality service. 

While this site focuses on our credit union work, our main website www.alexandersloan.co.uk has details of our other services. Details of our indemnity insurance and further details of the firm are also on this site.  If you are interested in working for Alexander Sloan please visit our main site.

Our Values

We have 6 core values which underpin everything that we do. This provide the RECIPE for the way we work:

  • Respect– We operate in an inclusive environment treating everyone with courtesy and consideration.
  • Excellence– We set the highest standards and aspire to exceed expectation.
  • Collaboration– We work together to deliver the best outcomes.
  • Integrity– We believe honesty and trust is fundamental to everything we do.
  • Progression– We are proactive in seeking change and embracing new ideas.
  • Expertise– We accrue and apply knowledge to achieve the best results.


Alexander Sloan recruits and develops excellent people. We believe that success comes from involving our people in our business, encouraging them to contribute and supporting them to achieve their potential.

We value people who show ambition, commitment, teamwork and ability and are willing to take on responsibility. We are an equal opportunities employer who will provide you with a challenging and supportive working environment.

We provide great opportunities for individuals with an enthusiasm and commitment to be part of our future.

We will consider any relevant applications from good candidates. In particular we are currently recruiting for audit managers. Please direct enquiries to Mark Mulholland at mark.mulholland@alexandersloan.co.uk

Compliance Officers/Internal Auditors

We are looking for applicants with experience as either Credit Union Compliance Officers or internal auditors to join our team. The role will involve carrying out compliance and internal audit work for a range of Credit Unions. Salary would depend on experience and we provide flexible working. It is essential that candidates possess:

  • Excellent report writing skills

  • Good knowledge of Credit Union regulation and legislation

  • Good communication skills

If you are interested please contact us at creditunion@alexandersloan.co.uk

Credit Union Partners

The firm has 8 partners of which 5 are actively involved in providing services to Credit Unions. Their profiles can be accessed below.

Steven Cunningham CA CCIBS

Head of Credit Union Services

Phil Morrice FCCA CIA

Internal Audit & Risk Management Partner

Allison Devine CA

Audit Partner

Kevin Booth FCCA

Audit Partner

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